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Expatriate and Repatriate Families & Spouses

Allo’ Expat
Allo’ Expat’s goal is to build a global expatriate community around the world.

Amsterdam Expats: Expat issues for expatriates in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Expats provides practical information for expatriates coming to, or living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Career in Your Suitcase
With a primary focus on creating a portable career whilst living an internationally mobile life, also offers extensive resources for and about male ‘trailing spouses’, dual-careers, networking, coping with transitions, etc.

Expat Exchange
Offers community exchange, library of articles, events listing, and advertising.

Expat Forum
Developing what they call “your stop on the web for services and information about living, working, traveling, and doing business overseas”.

Expatriate Press
Robin Pascoe’s publishing arm, the site also inform, advises, and offers online friendship to relocating expatriate spouses and families.

Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO)
FAWCO is an international network of 65 independent clubs with combined membership of 15,000 women in 34 countries. The site includes a club directory, notice board, publications, and information about FAWCO’s history.

FOCUS Information Services (London)
A nonprofit organisation serving international expatriates from all nations. Similar to WICE (see below) in origin, purpose, and services offered.

GM Expatriate Services and Relocation Support (Switzerland)
Provides relocation support and expatriate management services for people coming to Switzerland or going abroad, including cultural awareness seminars focusing on Swiss culture, housing search services, and advice on work permit, taxes, social security issues, compensation-packages, contracts issues, and more.

Lost Luggage Tales
Travel the world… Tell your tales… Real stories from insane adventures.

Online Cultural Training Resource for Study Abroad
This material was developed to support and enhance a student’s ability to make successful cultural adjustments both before going overseas and upon returning home from studying abroad. It was produced primarily for traditional-aged, undergraduate US-American university students. Those preparing to participate in a study abroad program will find the first seven sections useful while those who are about to, or have, returned home from an international program can refer to the final four sections. The focus is generally on the concept of culture and how it impacts one’s ability to understand and function in a new and unfamiliar environment. It concentrates on the skills, attitudes, and behaviors which all study abroad students, regardless of their specific destination, will find useful.

Dedicated to helping expat families prepare for their next assignment, this Web site is a compendium of resources for families on the move, both before and after moving to a new location.

A Portable Identity–A Woman’s Guide to Maintaining a Sense of Self While Moving Overseas
This is both a website for the book of the same name and a source of support for women who are the trailing spouse in an international relocation. The site provides information about the book and authors, news articles, valuable resources and links for expatriate women, and a chat group for women to focus on how the move has affected their identity and how to take charge of the changes that occur at any stage of a move overseas.

Solutions Abroad
Provides resources for expats who move abroad or relocate to work in Mexico, with inside information ranging from arrival to setting up home, school or business to things to see and do, and providing an online community to help you get connected.

Producers of video tapes on living and working abroad. Their focus is “culture general,” so the videos are applicable to expatriates living and working in all corners of the world. Special Feature Article: “WorldJourney: The Dual Career Expatriate Partner” WorldJourney, a special feature of Terra Cognita, offers a comprehensive article for dual career expatriate spouses. It has helpful advice for every stage of the transition: deciding to go, the time abroad and repatriation. Special sections for male spouses, HR professionals and “My Journey”: one expat spouse’s helpful look at communication between the dual career couple. You can submit your comments and check out other helpful links.

Women In Continuing Education (WICE)
20, boulevard du Montparnasse
75015 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1
Fax: +33 1
An organization begun by and for expatriate spouses. Emphasizes education and addresses a variety of subjects including career and professional development and cultural adjustment. Also conducts tours, provides reference library and logistical guidance for living in Paris, and more. Host of the first Women on The Move Conference and of the fourth (March 1998).
The Women’s International Networking (W.I.N.) Conference Visit for more information or email
A family-friendly site to help foreigners coming to and already living in Sweden find everything from housing to jobs and things to do. They feel that the best way to support new people coming into the country is to do so with a community.
Global Nomads & Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

Around the World in a Lifetime
Foreign Service Youth Foundation
Family Liaison Office, Room 1212A
Department of State
Washington D.C. 20520-7310, USA
Contacts: Karen Lundahl, Kay Eakin
Telephone: 202-647-1076
A support organization for the US State Department Global Nomads.

Barnabas International
A support organization for missionary children which provides transition support for re-entry to the States, and coordinates Mu Kappa chapters on college campuses.

Families in Global Transition (FIGT)
A support organization that also provides strategic resources for families, individuals and organizations working and living globally.

Global Nomads Puget Sound
Seattle, Washington, USA
Contact: Barbara Schaetti
The Puget Sound community of Global Nomads International meets every 4-6 weeks for “potluck” dinner and conversation. Contact Barbara Schaetti for more information. (Contact GNI above for a listing of other communities around the world.)

Erica Goos is a mental health therapist in private practice in the Seattle, Washington, USA area. She is very interested in working with TCKs. She was born and raised in South Korea until she was 6 years old and then started a new life in Puyallup, WA. Her lifetime experience of living bi-culturally, as well as having lived and worked overseas in Russia, means that she provides the understanding and insight needed in working with TCKs. She received a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Washington in Speech Communications and a Masters in Counseling from Mars Hill Graduate School. Please contact her for more information at

Military Brats Meet-Up
A monthly, worldwide meeting of military brats.

Military Brats Online
Many links to military brat and related websites, including links to organizations and schools.

Missionary Kid Connection
A central place for finding things of interest to MKs and TCKs. Here you’ll find an extensive list of mailing lists and newsgroups of potential interest not only to missionary kids, but also to other TCKs/global nomads.

Mu Kappa International
A website specifically for children of missionaries, but also of interest to other global nomads.

Ori and Ricki
A guide to international transitions specifically for the youngest members of your expatriate/repatriate family. Provided in both German and English. Also available in German and English a workbook for relocating children:

For German mini expats:
“Andere Länder, andere Kinder: dein Auslandsumzug mit Ori”
ISBN: 3-88864-340-6 VAS Verlag

For English speaking mini expats:
“When abroad—do as the local children do: Ori’s Guide for young expats” ISBN: 90-5594-262-6 Xpat Media

Overseas Brats, Inc.
P.O. Box 29805
San Antonio, Texas, 78229, USA
Founder: Joe Condrill
Telephone: 512-349-1394
Publishes a magazine primarily for DoDD (Department of Defense Dependent–USA) schools.

On-line version of a Japanese-language print magazine started by three Japanese global nomads to address returnee and other issues. The editors intend to increase the amount of both translated and original materials available in this English-language version

TCK World
This extensive website is dedicated to the support and understanding of

Third Culture Kids (TCKs): Military Brats, Missionary Kids, Foreign Service Kids, and others who have lived as children in foreign cultures. TCK World includes the official homesites for Operation Footlocker (OpFoot), the Mobile Military Brat Monument; Schools Without Walls (SWW), a meeting place for students, faculty, and administrators of TCK schools which no longer exist; Dr. Ruth Hill Useem, the sociologist/anthropologist who first coined the term “Third Culture Kids (TCKs)”; and, the Families in Global Transition Conference.
Sponsor Resources

BR Anchor Publishing, recognized experts in relocation, produces domestic and international relocation publications for adults, teens and children. Beverly D. Roman, Publisher, is the author of eleven relocation titles that combine personal experience and current information to provide hands-on, cost-effective relocation direction for individuals and corporations.

Conquest Corporation
Relocation shop for family and financial information when moving.

Employee Relocation Council
Information on relocation and human resource issues, including World Wide Relocation Services Directory.

The Interchange Institute is a not-for-profit research organization focused on the study of international relocation of individuals and families, including international newcomers to the United States and Americans moving overseas.

Medibroker International
Private medical insurance especially for the expatriate of any nationality, living or working abroad. Ask for free advice and free quotations. “Owned by expatriates, run by expatriates, for expatriates.”

A one stop shop for personal and corporate, international medical insurance. Specialist advice and services for expatriates of any nationality.

The Society of Human Resource Management
Dedicated to global HR issues. This site is developed specifically for HR professionals residing outside the United States and as the online home for the Institute for International Human Resources (IIHR). It offers members “relevant and timely information about the global HR profession.”

Tompkins Financial Group Ltd. / Expat Financial offers international life, health and disability insurance to expatriates & international citizens around the world, as well as group plans and offshore mutual funds.
International Schools & Education

The Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education
is a free-access electronic magazine that publishes multicultural instructional ideas; reviews of resources; and practitioner and scholarly essays.

European Council of International Schools
Regional association of international schools based primarily in Europe. Offers recruitment, accreditation and professional development services, school directories, and more.

Good Schools Guide Directory
The GSGDirectory is specific to schools in the United Kingdom. It aims to allow you to choose the sort of school that you are interested in, see where such schools are on a suitably scaled map, and then drop into a page where all the public information on a school is either there or one click away.

Tutors International
provides qualified teachers to work as private tutors. Most of our work is with children needing extra support, or where the security of the family is a serious concern.

General Expatriate and Repatriate Interests

Aletheia Publications
A publisher of books specific to the expatriate and repatriate experience, including such “classics” as The Absentee American and Strangers At Home.

The American Hour Radio Show
Broadcasts live throughout London (England) and the South East. In 2001, they launched the radio show online so that visitors anywhere in the world can listen to archived radio shows anytime. Also offer a range of links and other useful information.

Children of the Wind
A research project, which aims to look at families straddling cultures and the loss of “HOME” phenomenon. The purpose of the website is to establish a forum and platform for interaction with people who have experienced the crossing-cultures phenomenon with serious residual ramifications such as psychological, linguistic and sociological.
Speak a foreign language? Speak it better! If you’ve taken the time to learn French, German, Spanish or Italian, here’s the proven way to take your vocabulary and listening-comprehension skills to the next level. Join the thousands of intermediate and advanced language students on six continents who use Champs-Elysées, Schau ins Land, Puerta Sol, and Acquerello Italiano to stay in touch with the languages and cultures they love. Produced entirely in Europe by professional broadcasters and journalists, each audiomagazine consists of an hour-long programme on audio cassette or CD packed with news, features, and interviews. A booklet containing a word-for-word transcript and an extensive glossary accompanies the audio component. In addition to translations of difficult words and phrases, the glossaries contain copious biographical, historical, political, and cultural notes prepared by seasoned editors–many of whom also write for some of the world’s most prestigious newspapers and magazines. An optional study supplement with listening exercises and grammar drills is also available in each issue.

Cross Cultural Publications, Inc.
provides an eclectic variety of books, including two of particular interest to global nomads: Hidden Immigrants, and, Paper Airplanes in the Himalayas.

Intercultural Communication Institute
A resource for intercultural education and professional development. Programs include: the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication; a limited-residency Master of Arts program in Intercultural Relations; a professional certificate program in Intercultural Communication; and seminars on the Intercultural Development Inventory.

Intercultural Press
A publisher dedicated to books focusing on cross-cultural interaction, including multiculturalism and diversity in the U.S. as well as international cross-cultural relations.

International Living For the past 20 years, one of the leading sources for information and advice about traveling, retiring, living, buying real estate, investing, and starting a business overseas.

MAIR—Masters of Arts in Intercultural Relations Degree Program
Co-sponsored by the Intercultural Communication Institute, Portland, Oregon and University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA.

Focusing specifically on multilingualism and multilingual acquisition, this website is an impressive resource for parents and educators alike. Extensive bibliography and links to other sites.

Tales from a Small Planet, is billed as “the literary and humor magazine for expatriates everywhere!” Tales from a Small Planet, a nonprofit web magazine and online resource, features Real Post Reports: honest reports on living conditions abroad from diplomats and other expatriates all over the world. It also offers lively and evocative writing about the expat experience, information on all aspects of international living, and interactive support through their email groups and message boards. For the real story on what it’s like to live overseas, visit

World Culture
A great site for information, links, and insights into the world.

A Web site by a global nomad for other world travelers. Emphasis on Japan, women, and the global nomad experience.

Y Forum
Posting of cross-cultural questions and answers.

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