Representative Clients and Projects

Expatriate and Repatriate Individuals: Coaching and Mentoring

Corporate, diplomatic, military, missionary, and education- sponsored families
Expatriate and repatriate spouses
Adolescent third culture kids/global nomads
Adult third culture kids/global nomads
Expatriate family service providers

Sponsoring Organizations: Training, Speaking and Presenting, and Systems Consulting

3M, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Baxter International, Brussels, Belgium
Samsung Group, Seoul, South Korea
Shell Oil International, The Hague, The Netherlands
United Nations, Vienna, Austria

Expatriate and Repatriate Communities: Training, Speaking and Presenting, and Systems Consulting

Brussels, Belgium
Copenhagen, Denmark
Geneva, Switzerland
The Hague, The Netherlands
Islamabad, Pakistan
London, England
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Paris, France
Stavanger, Norway
Vienna, Austria

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