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Then step forward! Book a coaching series customized to the particulars of your own daily life! Bring purpose and intention to the process of strengthening your core intercultural competence!

Barbara offers particular expertise in coaching:
• leaders of learning organizations and members of multicultural work teams, in Building Multicultural Community
• internationally mobile expatriates and repatriates, in The Artistry of Crossing Cultures

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a dynamic, purposeful, and immensely supportive process. It is directed by and grounded in your daily lived experience–what are your goals and intentions, what are you concerned with or confronted by? That’s where we begin.

Coaching with me is based upon the framework of Personal Leadership, a framework my colleagues and I have developed through our many years of teaching and consulting in the intercultural field. It offers specific practices for those who want to deepen their own effectiveness living and working across cultures. When appropriate, coaching clients are invited to participate in the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to help identify and target their personal developmental priorities.

I coach people of all national backgrounds living in countries all over the world. Our coaching sessions take place by telephone, with contact by email in between sessions as requested. When possible, we make our telephone connections through the internet (using Apple’s iChat system, for example). Scheduling across time zones to mutual agreement often brings a certain complexity to the process, and yet we always make it work!

The coaching structure is designed jointly with you, specifically for you. First contracts typically outline an initial six-month (18 session) series, thereby recognizing the developmental process that underlies the building of core intercultural competence. Most clients begin with weekly sessions for the first three months (your schedule and mine permitting); we then typically decrease to scheduling a session every two weeks. Individual sessions and shorter series are also available, including a three-session/one-month trial series for those who want to try-out the experience before fully committing. The coaching process is yours, so we make it work in whatever way is best for you!

Payment for coaching sessions is made in US dollars, either by check drawn on a US bank or by credit card (Visa and MasterCard preferred). Please Contact Me for a fee schedule and for more information, without obligation, on how the coaching process can work for you. To read comments from clients about their experiences working with me, please see our Client Comments page.

Building Multicultural Community
• Examine the building blocks of effective intercultural communication, and translate that theory into real-time practice
• Experience the energizing effects that result when you take a learning orientation into each intercultural interaction
• Lead the “cultural smorgasbord” of a multinational community with confidence and skill, inspiring your colleagues, staff, and client population
• Leverage cultural differences so that they become a creative resource directly supporting your organizational purpose

“It’s wonderful receiving your support: examining my intercultural experiences of the past week, responses and issues that came to light, and discussing strategies and practices to work on for the following week. I am moving forward… and integrating the elements we talk about! You give me much food for thought.”
–Multicultural community leader living in Europe

The Artistry of Crossing Cultures
• Connect with your own internal compass, cultivating an experience of unbounded safety even as you voyage open-hearted into the unknown
• Use each situation that arises as a ‘living laboratory” – as fodder to deepen your cultural self-knowledge, increasing your effectiveness with host nationals and with members of the expatriate community
• Skillfully facilitate the cultural and geographic transitions that you and your loved-ones encounter
• Become the creative center in your own life; refuse to live as a ‘victim of circumstance’ and instead step into the transformative potential made possible when you craft your life with purpose and intention

“I’m very happy with the coaching. I needed someone to ’download on’ who wouldn’t get defensive. It really helped to have you sort the wheat from the chaff in my experiences—and turn what seemed overwhelming at times into positive learning.”
–Multi-mover expatriate spouse living in Southeast Asia

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