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Here’s what others have said about Transition Dynamics:

About being coached by Barbara

“I’m very happy with the coaching. I needed someone to “download on” who wouldn’t get defensive…. It really helped to have you sort the wheat from the chaff in my experiences—and turn what seemed overwhelming at times into a positive learning experience.”

“I get a lot from your examples; they give me a context for my own experiences, put words on abstract impressions.”

“[Our coaching relationship has helped me learn that] when I conduct my life from the inside out, I learn to take responsibility for my own experience.”

“You’ve been an invaluable source of help with the kids, forcing me to at least be conscious of the need to guide their thinking and experiences as they too go through this transition.”

“You’ve given me a lot to think about in terms of the intercultural experience, which I then pass on to [my husband]. I think this has really helped him come to terms with his own role here as a mentor [to the host nationals in the office], and the challenges he faces. I think it has also legitimized for him that it is a challenge (e.g. not just a gripe but a verifiable, researched challenge that has various strategies to attack it), and he’s begun to search for support and help in the organization.”

“You’ve encouraged me to think about my dreams and passions, not just my ‘career!'”

“I am very happy with the coaching because I feel I’ve met someone I can learn from and who will challenge me intellectually. While I learn lots from many, I find that I rarely meet people who can really push my thinking on an area I’m interested in. (I meet millions who can challenge my thinking on, for instance, the substance of black holes or the merits of 4D seismic, but that’s not where I want to spend my mental time!) I have, I have to say, found that many of the people I meet or the books I read in this field are one of two things: lightweight but passionate, or heavyweight and without a drop of inspiration or passion. That’s why I really wanted to work with you… I thought, ‘here’s a woman whose got her… [act] together, can think originally and creatively, and is open to new ideas. Here is a woman I can learn from.’ And so, here I am!”

About Barbara’s consulting on developing and implementing transition programs in international expatriate communities

“People were impressed by your expertise and professionalism, but mostly by your genuineness… you have lived this life and understand on an affective level what kids (and adults) go through.”

“We’ve heard psychologists speak about parenting, but she’s lived the expatriate childhood and her ideas are really concrete.”

“[Your work] reached everyone in the expatriate community: North American and non-North American, those for whom [this] is a first overseas assignment and those who have been moving for years.”

“Barbara Schaetti’s overseas experience and extensive research on the impact of ‘transitions’ provide her with unique qualifications for speaking to the topic. This was consulting money well spent.”

“We’ve had an amazing reception from our students, our teachers, the Board. I recommend Transition Dynamics to every international school because this hits us where we live.”

“The thing that helped me the most was Barbara’s global nomads seminar.”

“[Your presentation] spurred a lot of creative thought for us; it filled a number of gaps in our transition program and, as usual, ignited a lot of new ideas and paths to go on.”

About This Website

“GREAT site and looks like a GREAT resource for internationally mobile families.”
—Ruth Van Reken, US American nationality; co-author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds; author, Letters Never Sent; second-generation global nomad and mother and grandmother of global nomads; variously expatriate employee, expatriate spouse, and repatriate. 

“Great to get a chance to visit your site. I’ve used your articles quite a bit and am always looking for more. Our school has just set up a transition resource team based on your model and I recently presented a workshop in Jakarta promoting the concept. Could I get a list of other schools that have set up transiton resource teams? Hope we can meet up at some point. Thanks for the useful addresses and suggestions included in this site.”
—Anne Ostrom, Canadian nationality; expatriate employee, spouse, global nomad, parent of global nomads, international educator, transition researcher, transition committee coordinator; working at United Nations International School of Hanoi; living in Vietnam. 

“THANK YOU!! Visited your web page for the first time today and felt re-energised and renewed in my faith. Was in serious danger of losing it altogether.”
—Cass Williamson, Jamaican-born-British-passport-holding-Global Nomad; living in the UK. 

“Great to find this resource for our family. [We] worked in NE Brazil, 1992-1997 with Mennonite Central Committee as program directors for MCC Brazil. Our children were ages 7, 9 when we left Canada and returned ages 12 and 14.”
—Bert Enns, Canadian nationality; repatriate; parent of global nomads; living in Canada. 

“Excellent site! This is a great expat resource.”
—Erika Wentworth, US American nationality; expatriate; the parent of a young global nomad who will be two in May; affiliated with FOCUS Information Services; freelance writer and editor specialising in expatriate issues; living in the United Kingdom. 

“What a great resource! I’m a global nomad currently living in the UK. I heard about you at WOTM [Women on The Move] Paris and now through FOCUS [FOCUS Information Services; London, UK].”
—Sara Norell, Swedish nationality; global nomad; expatriate; living in the UK; PhD studies at Boston University

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