What focus are you bringing to your life among cultures?
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Through our work together you’ll learn how to engage cultural differences so that they, themselves, transform from walls of separation into bridges of connection.


Visit our Coaching page! Contract for a coaching series with Barbara Schaetti in The Artistry of Crossing Cultures and bring a new depth of fulfillment to your expatriate and repatriate life. Or, if you’d like to develop your effectiveness as a leader of a multicultural learning organization, contract for a coaching series in Building Multicultural Community.

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Discover how practicing Personal Leadership can make a difference for you.

Review the Products available for purchase through Transition Dynamics. In addition to information packets on a range of subjects, you’ll find A Conversation About Re-entry, a 20-minute video featuring 4 young-adult US American and Canadian global nomads discussing their repatriation to the U.S. for university.

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